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Satisfying your spiritual needs

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In order for us as humans to carry out our daily activities and satisfy our hunger, we need to eat physical food. In the same light, we need spiritual food to satisfy our spiritual needs. Presently, there are different varieties of spiritual food that you can use to quench your spiritual hunger. But are all of them good?

You definitely will agree that not all physical food is good for consumption. There are certain foods that smell and taste great but offers very little health value. Eating these foods for a long period of this is going to have serious consequences.

In the same light, not all spiritual food can give you the nourishment that you need. Today, there are tons of religious practices and cultures that claim to provide satisfaction. But is that really true?

A lot of Christians have the notion that what a person chooses to believe doesn’t matter as long as he does some sort of worship or do something spiritual. Do you think it is wise to fill yourself up with just any spiritual food? The answer to that question is no. When it comes to our spiritual diet, we should never settle for anything less than the very best.

Next, we are going to be looking at what true spirituality is all about.

What true spirituality involves

The bible shed light on the source of our spiritual capacity. ( Genesis 1:27)  Jehovah God is the source of our spiritual capacity. As humans, we are made in God’s image. But this does not mean that we physically look like God. Rather it means that we possess some of this qualities.

Adam displayed qualities like kindness, love, self-control and many more because he was made in the likeness of his creator Jehovah. Our God Jehovah also gave us a conscience, an inner sense of right and wrong to help us make wise decisions.

1 Corinthians 2:12-15 describes a spiritual person as someone who receives the spirit of God. This spirit is God’s active force.

People who are able to see and examine things from a spiritual point of view will make fewer mistakes and better choices. A physical man, on the other hand, looks at spiritual things as foolishness. His attention is focused on human wisdom.

Those who are not influenced by Jehovah’s spirit, usually succumb to pursuing their desires and engage regrettable acts.

To conclude, if you want to satisfy your spiritual needs you need to walk in the path of the Christ.